Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Managing Users & Signatures with ReplyManager

User management is such a cool part of ReplyManager because it helps direct the right staff to the right folder with specific access rights. It is a necessary part of email management when faced with multiple issues, mail accounts or departments. Here are a few tips and tricks to help ReplyManager users and administrators get the most out of this feature.

Assign Access Levels
When creating a user (or editing an existing one) be sure to assign access rights to control what action the user can take.

  • View Only :: Read emails only.
  • User :: Read, respond and send new email
  • Administrator :: read, respond and perform all maintenance functions (user admin, folder admin, spam filtration, standard replies, etc.)
  • Super Administrator :: read, respond, perform maintenance and setup functions (branding, accounts, etc.)

Adding Folder Restrictions
To further manage which user views and responds to the correct set of email, be sure to select which folder(s) the user has access to. For details on distributing email, read Evenly Distributing Emails using Rules Management.

Save Time with a Signature
Adding signature information to each email individually is too cumbersome. Instead, consider using a signature using the User Name, Company, Phone, Email and Website - all important parts of signature.

Multiple Signatures for folders
Users can create multiple signatures for different sections (if applicable) and folders within the section. Signatures assigned to a specific location will overwrite any signatures assigned to the users account in Maintenance: Users. To access, select Signatures from the Options menu. Click on the Add New Signature button to add new signature information. Select the folder(s) that apply and click Update. If using different signatures in different sections, users must be viewing the specific section, then select Signatures from the Options menu.