Friday, September 7, 2012

Manage Email During the Holiday Shopping Season

Providing exceptional service when communicating with customers promotes customer loyalty and adds value, especially during busy shopping times or holidays. Now is the time to review those email features in your ReplyManager software that will help you to effectively manage the process and be ready to act.
  • Manage Customer Email. See our 5 Tips To Better Manage Customer Email to differentiate your communication from the others

  • Establish In-House Procedures. Review ReplyManager features and in-house procedures with staff. It is important that all users be up-to-date with the features and options they can use in providing good customer service.

  • User Management. Manage users by assigning each user responsibilities and create the Rules and Folders that will route email to them.

  • Create Standard Replies. Standard replies are key to responding quickly and consistently to your company’s message, especially if you have several users replying. Include customized standard replies for those frequently asked questions. Be sure to assign them to the appropriate folders and title them with keywords so they easily stand out relating to the issue.

  • Enable Auto-responders. Auto-responders are a great tool to immediately acknowledge your customer or potential customer. They can be configured in a specific folder or as an action to a rule and can be enabled or disabled as you need (e.g. you may be closing for your holiday party, but still want your customers to know you have received their email and will be back to them).

  • Return Policies. Review the Return Policy with your staff and be sure the details are outlined in a standard reply or an auto-responder, in order to react to questions about returns promptly.

  • Renew your eBay Token. The eBay token created for your ReplyManager account is valid for 18 months and needs to be renewed at the end of that time period. On the application, go to Maintenance>Accounts and click on each of your eBay accounts. If it is getting close to the expiration, a new token may be generated before the old one actually expires; which would save you time and headaches through the busy holiday season. 

by Suzan Tucker
Customer Care Manager