Friday, May 27, 2016

ReplyManager Launches Innovative New Features

Over the past few months, we have learned some essential insights from our customers into how we can help you run your marketplace support operations more efficiently. 

We’ve put these insights into practice. Introducing the new ReplyManager - stacked with innovative new features and a fresh streamlined user interface.

Learn about ReplyManager’s exciting new features below.

Message Dashboard
With ReplyManager’s new Message Dashboard, you’re about to win back a whole lot of time. We have simplified the communication processes for eCommerce businesses by removing the barriers of multiple logins for multi-channel marketplaces and have replaced the difficulty with one simple login solution - ReplyManager.

While you can admire the workings of the new Message Dashboard here, in the meantime, let us introduce you to the organizational gems that make ReplyManager so effective.

Folders, Labels and Rules
We have created a set of tools that will streamline your operations and help you to win the loyalty of a happy customer base. Folders, Labels and Rules filters, sort and organize your incoming messages in a meaningful way.

With Rules, you can create rules based on conditions that you have set using ticket query types.  There is no limit to the number of combinations you can use when configuring conditions.  Once your rule is set, tickets will be automatically filtered by type and assigned to the relevant folder and agent(s). Now, you can receive and respond quickly to customer messages, from all of your marketplaces.

Discover how folders, labels and rules can improve your efficiency.

Templates and SmartTags

ReplyManager’s new tools allow you to create a personalized experience for your customers without overwhelming your support agents with customer-dedicated emails.  

Templates can be set up to make responses more efficient and to help fulfill SLA guidelines by pre-populating information for common replies that you send. Templates can be customized by channel and a message can be quickly drafted or set to auto-respond using ReplyManager conditions that make responses appear more human.

Within the Message Template screen, enter information for Usage Conditions, Autoresponder Options, Recurring date & time constraints, one-off date and time constraints, and more.

ReplyManager’s SmartTags allow you to automatically input data from your customer query, such as name and order ID, to create a personalized response at a much faster rate.
You will quickly start to notice the benefits of sending high quality personalized responses.

Learn how to create your custom Templates and SmartTags.

Deeper Amazon and eBay Integration

The great news is that you will never again need to login to multiple marketplace channels to handle a customer query! ReplyManager’s Message Dashboard is fully integrated with Amazon and eBay, giving you direct access to extensive customer and order details from within a single intuitive interface.

Learn how to integrate Amazon and eBay accounts.

Reports dashboard

Improve your performance by having clear visibility on the behaviours and interactions between customers and team members. The graphical data contained within the new Reports dashboard will help you to make informed decisions on your customer processes, identify areas of success and areas primed for improvement. Track activity across multiple marketplaces and ensure that you are compliant with service level agreements (SLAs). Be informed of how you can best align your resources to nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

ReplyManager’s new features will help you reap the rewards of high quality marketplace customer support. With more time on your hands to focus on growing your business and winning the loyalty of a happy customer base, you can drive your sales to the next level. Review ReplyManager user guides. Got any questions about ReplyManager features? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Get in touch with us at