Monday, April 10, 2017

How a message management tool can help you scale support

Why choose a message management tool?

No matter what size your business is, managing customer support can be tricky. If you’re selling on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and your own webstore, it can be difficult to manage support while growing your business at the same time.  

An eCommerce message management tool allows you to centralize all your customer support queries in one place, cutting down your average support time so you can focus on business growth.     

You have the ability to track a customer’s history, giving you a full view of customer support so you can respond to queries quickly and effectively.

Customer support and business growth

As an online seller on multiple channels, you’ll receive a high number of product-related customer queries. As your business grows, the influx of queries will increase, putting you under further pressure to maintain a high level of customer support.   

The more sales you get, the harder it becomes to keep your customers satisfied. If you begin to overlook certain areas of support then you will lose out on sales opportunities which will affect your long-term business growth. This is where a message management solution comes in - it can help you scale efficient support as you continue to grow.  

Everything in one place

By centralizing all your channels in one dashboard, a message solution allows you and your customer support team to manage more queries efficiently. When a customer emails you with a product query you have a full support picture - agents have full access to order history and customer details so that they can respond quickly and intelligently.

Choosing an eCommerce tool for you

How do you choose the tool that’s right for your business? There are plenty of email management solutions available (Front, Inbox, etc), but these are not designed specifically for sellers. ReplyManager was built by eCommerce experts - for eCommerce businesses.

ReplyManager is integrated with Amazon and eBay as well as essential inventory management solutions ChannelAdvisor and Linnworks, to ensure that your workflow is always smooth and seamless. Bring your sales, orders and support into one dashboard to give you and your team the full support picture.  

Stay within SLAs

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are especially important in the eCommerce industry. In order to provide a positive customer experience, marketplaces like Amazon and eBay require sellers to respond to their customers within 24 hours. If sellers fail to comply to these rules then their seller metrics will be affected.

A tool like ReplyManager organizes your tickets in order of SLA deadlines, putting your most urgent queries to the top of the list so that you avoid any SLA breaches.

Save valuable time

ReplyManager also offers time-saving features, like Templates and SmartTags that can cut your average response times in half.

Templates allow you to create automated responses for your most common queries, so you can respond to these queries in just three clicks, speeding up your average support interaction.

SmartTags help to personalize messages by automatically pulling in a customer’s details, including the name, company address, order details and more, by simply using a hash tag.

Start responding faster today

Give your customer support team the tools they need to be support heroes! Sign up for a free trial of ReplyManager.