Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Customers More Important than Ever

In our challenging economic times, we are always looking for creative ways to actively market to new customers. But now, more than ever, we should also remember the importance of keeping focus on our existing customers and their needs - keep them happy. They are, after all, already purchasing our products or services. One way to do this is through responsive and credible email management. Reestablishing contact with customers, strengthening customer relations, and keeping customer contact information up-to-date are all ways ReplyManager can help. Here is what we recommend:
  • Create Auto-responders, such as “We received your request.”
  • Create a Standard Replies database for consistent, efficient and credible responses. Be sure responses accurately address your customers question and avoid being too broad.
  • Add internal informational notes as reminders so users know when and how to follow up further with customers.
  • Identify potential issues or upselling opportunities and assign categories, add notes, escalate the status of the email and move to appropriate folder for action.