Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Assign Mutiple Category Tags to Organize Email

Assigning or "tagging" an email within a folder, was just enhanced to being able to assign multiple categories or "tags" to an email.

Categories can be created by going to Maintenance>Categories, clicking the "Add New Category", type in the name and click on the Color Palette icon to select a color. Editing or deleting a category is a simple, one step process.

While viewing the list of emails within a folder, select one or more of the emails, scroll to the bottom of the page, select from "set category to" and click "change". Categories can also be assigned or "tagged" to specific emails by opening the email and choosing one or more categories from the drop down list, then clicking Update.

Once you have selected a folder to view emails, you can filter the list by selecting from the “view”, “since” and/or “category” drop down lists, then click on the Filter button. Once you change a filter, your user account will save the settings and will automatically default to that setting the next time you access the folder.

In ReplyManager, assigning category tags to emails allows the User to refer to specific actions if emails can’t be answered immediately, assign responsibilities or further organize the email within the folder. If multiple steps need to be taken to address the email, keep accurate notes in the email ticketing system so that the next person knows where you left off.