Monday, November 12, 2012

Employees Vital in Creating Customer Experiences

Highlighting the recent World Champions, the San Francisco Giants, a recent E-Commerce Times article describes how the club took control to deliver a noticeable and consistent level of quality of the overall customer experience.

The Giants own (and built) their own stadium which gives them control to make all decisions regarding the customer experience. The biggest part of their success is the level of emphasis they put in understanding that employees play a vital role in creating customer experiences. They set processes and policies that every employee is required to follow and back that up with recognition. In fact, during the recent victory parade,  every employee (including the ticket takers, concession workers, the players and anyone else) was included and they were cheered by the fans as much as the players. A pretty good indicator that they were doing a good job.

This article offers an interesting read and insight into a successful business operation and the experiences they have created for their customers, with a few questions for business owners to consider what they are doing to keep their customers coming back.

If You Build a Good Customer Experience, Fans Will Come, E-Commerce Times, 11/1/2012

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care