Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keeping Your Email Client in Tip-Top Shape

Performing basic maintenance tasks on ReplyManager is kind of like having to remember to change the batteries on your smoke alarm. It's an important task, but easy to forget (or ignore). Remembering to periodically "clean up" ReplyManager is important to help maintain an organized and secure working environment. Here are a few quick tips...

Clean Up User Access 
  • Go to Maintenance > Users and be sure your list of users is current 
  • Delete or disable all those who no longer need access to your email program
Clear Unused Folders and Rules 
  • Go to your Folders screen to select those folders you no longer use 
  • Move or delete all emails from any folders you have selected
  • Purge all deleted email. Go to Maintenance > Recycle, click Purge All.
  • Go to Maintenance > Rules – be sure there are no active rules routing emails into those folders
  • Review Rules to see if any are no longer relevant and delete
  • Go to Maintenance > Folders, click on Folder Name, select “Delete folder” at bottom of screen
Check Accounts 
  • Go to Maintenance > Accounts 
  • Make sure accounts you are no longer using are deactivated so the system will not continue to attempt to make a connection 
Update Options
  • Delete old signatures and/or update to include any changes
Update Your Standard Replies 
  • Confirm all addresses and links within the replies are current 
Review and Update your Categories
  • Refresh the titles and update or delete those categories that are no longer being used

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care