Thursday, May 7, 2015

eBay Update: Product Identifiers on Listings

On June 29th, eBay will be rolling out product identifier listing requirement changes to name-brand items, which will require a brand name, MPN (manufacturer’s part number), or GTIN (global trade item number) in applicable product listings. 

In addition to improving your overall SEO, including these identifiers will gain you a few additional perks, including:

  • Create listings faster - eBay will auto-fill a listing if using an MPN or GTIN

  • Product reviews available to buyers - Buyers will be able to browse item reviews if they are available on the eBay catalogue

  • Guidance on pricing - Entering MPN and GTIN information will provide more accurate pricing advice

  • Price alert - If you list an item below the up-to-date trending price, you will be alerted

The new product identifier policy does not apply to all product categories. Read the recent eBay for Business Blog article “Product Identifiers: What They Are And Why They Are Important” for more detailed information. Learn to take advantage of product identifiers to increase your sales!

Barbara Anderson

Marketing Coordinator