Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Londonmagicstore Talks About Using ReplyManager

As we kick off our "Customer Stories" campaign, we would like to introduce Dario Lopez of Londonmagicstore and highlight his success with ReplyManager. Many of our customers have asked how other sellers use ReplyManager and what works best for them, so we decided to develop a Customer Stories campaign to share their email management success and online selling advice.
Dario Lopez, Director

"Saved Us Time and Helped Us Stay Organised"

Londonmagicstore, a London-based retailer of mobile accessories and other gadgets has 11 users and processes around 25,000 emails a month from their website, eBay and Amazon.

"ReplyManager has saved us time and has helped us stay very organised. It is one of the best software available. Their support is just fantastic, always happy to help if there are any issues, pretty much instantly within minutes."

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This Customer Stories campaign is designed to provide our customers with additional resources to see how others are utilizing ReplyManager's features and how it may solve your own business needs.

We would love to hear from you! Send an email to Tell us how ReplyManager helped improve your business and what advice you would give to other online sellers. You should also include a quick paragraph about your company, your name, website URL and a snazzy photograph of yourself.