Monday, March 4, 2013

ReplyManager Email Processing Order

Often times, ReplyManager customers have multiple rules set up to automatically manage and route incoming email from many different channels and email accounts. With hundreds of emails being processed each day, it is important to know the logic and order by which ReplyManager processes these emails to be sure they are getting directed to the right folder at the right time.
ReplyManager reads all incoming messages, analyzes them and then decides where to route based on the following priorities.
  1. Match System ID: Identifies incoming emails that already have a System ID and matches it to other emails with the same ID which keeps email conversations within the same thread
  2. Analyze for Spam (Not applicable to eBay messages): Identifies whether an email is likely to be Spam based on standards established in each account
  3. Match Rules: Matches rules in the order they are ranked and performs designated tasks (e.g. route to specific folder, delete, or tag with category) processing rules after spam filter.

    NOTE: For POP/IMAP accounts, a rule can be set to process before spam
  4. eBay Match: For eBay accounts that do not have a rule or for messages that don't yet have an ID (e.g. new messages), messages are placed into the folder with the “Force Message Into Folder” feature enabled. This is typical if you have only one main folder for your eBay store and no other rules applied (e.g. shipping, returns, item not as described, etc.).
  5. POP/IMAP Accounts (Not applicable to eBay messages): If a message does not fall into any of the above categories, ReplyManager looks to match to a folder with the "Associated email" that is related to specific POP/IMAP accounts. This can include emails sent from Amazon via POP/IMAP accounts. If a match is not found for an associated email, then the email would be routed to the "Catch All" folder (see Maintenance >Folders).

by Jodi Gaines Pereira
Director Marketing & Design
by Dale Gaines
Customer Care