Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting Started with Amazon Folders and Rules

ReplyManager's template comes with Amazon folders and rules already setup. The goal is to tag  important customer messages and distinguish them from Amazon system messages by separating the messages into different folders.

  1. Folders: There are two folders used to separate messages: Amazon folder and the Amazon - System Messages folder. The Amazon folder is where customer inquires are filtered to.

    Tip: You need to add your "From" email address for the main Amazon folder for replies.  Go to Maintenance > Folders.
  2. Accounts: Although the folder is already set up, you'll need the information from your existing POP3/IMAP account where you receive . Go to Maintenance > Accounts, then click Add New Account. 

    If this is a POP3 account, please check to see what emails are in the UNREAD status BEFORE setup in RM.  We recommend enabling this account as IMAP before ReplyManager begins reading, as it will read ALL emails in the POP3 account.
  3. Rules: See the Amazon Inquiries rule and the Amazon System messages rule (Maintenance > Rules)

    Tip: Rules are evaluated before the system checks for any associated email address entered for a folder.
    • If you want to include an auto responder on this rule, check the Enabled box and set up your message
    • "Apply" these rules to all or specific Amazon account before you “Save Changes.”

Following is a screenshot of the two recommended rules for Amazon email routing, already configured in your account.


Please refer to the Support area on our website for other Amazon related questions or send an email to

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care