Monday, April 1, 2013

Troubleshooting Account Read Errors

Being the lifeline of our business, ReplyManager has built in alerts when it stops reading an existing mail account. If an account has not read in one hour or more, the system will display an error message in RED at the top of the screen in the logo area. The following are quick checklist items to help correct the problem immediately.
Quota Exceeded Warning
  • Check your Recycle Bin. Even though emails have been deleted, they need to be purged from the system to create space. An automatic setting can be enabled, see the Settings tab.

  • Remove attachments. From the Recycle Bin, click on the “Clean Up Attachments” tab to remove attachments (in bulk) without actually deleting the email. You have the option to remove those attachments from a specific folder, with a specific status, and an “older than” date. 

  • Folder Pruning gives you the option to delete emails with the same criteria as when removing attachments. It takes a few minutes for the system to catch up to these deletions. Don't forget to purge once the emails are deleted. Once you've deleted and purged, the Quota Exceeded message should disappear.

  • Run a report for Space Utilization by folder, this will tell you which folder is holding the most space. Clicking on that folder and then clicking at the top of the "size" column will sort emails by size. You can then go into the emails and remove attachment manually.

  • Increase your account space. Contact our customer support and we'll arrange for you to upgrade your account with more space immediately!

One or More Accounts Not Reading Warning
  • Go to Maintenance > Accounts, check the box next to the account shown in RED and click "test accounts". The system will return a specific error message.

  • Select the Account in Red (that is not reading) and re-enter your username and password. This is the most common error and immediate fix. Your account manager may have made changes to the actual mail account, this information needs be be corrected in ReplyManager as well. 

  • Rarely, when mail accounts with large amounts of email are being read continuously (on the initial reading or after a stoppage), the system may need multiple readings to get ALL of the email. As it is able to read all of the email, the message will disappear.

  • eBay Token Expired. eBay requires a token to authorize ReplyManager to access your account and read email. eBay tokens are set to expire every 18 months and must be renewed. You can view/renew tokens at Maintenance > Accounts.  

Initial Reading and Setup

One of the most common error messages you will see when using the "test accounts" is: Read in progress...unable lock for account.  This error message is telling you that ReplyManager has made a successful connection to your account, but is unable to read ALL of your emails at once. ReplyManager reads All emails in the account for POP3 and all Unread email in the inbox for IMAP. This may take a few readings to get all of the email and remember the system reads up to every 10 minutes.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care