Monday, May 6, 2013

ReplyManager Bulk Functionality

ReplyManager is designed to help your customer service team manage emails more efficiently. One way of doing this is by performing tasks in bulk. Bulk-functionality gives users the ability to take action on more than one email at a time, allowing for faster responses and improved customer service.

The following actions are available to be done in bulk from any folder.
  • Delete
  • Print
  • Add a Note
  • Merge 
  • Reply*
  • Forward
  • Move
  • Change Status
  • Set a Category
  • Set a Reference

Here's how...
  • From the Folder Email List view, highlight emails you wish to include with your action by checking the box to the left of the email.
  • Once highlighted, you can choose to delete, print, add note, merge, etc.  Or you can choose to move those emails to a particular folder, change the status, set a category, or set the reference.

*To Reply to several messages at once, you must use either an existing standard reply
  or set up a new one (Maintenance > Replies > Add New Reply).

  • Highlight messages you wish to reply to
  • Click the Reply button
  • Select your standard reply from the drop down box
  • Enter an Optional Subject (leave this blank to refer to the subject of the original email

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care