Monday, November 11, 2013

ReplyManager v5.6x Now Available - eBay Image Uploader, Simplified Auto-Responders, and More!

ReplyManager is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.6x, offering new and enhanced features that continue to help online sellers manage incoming customer email. The new version was officially released on November 10th and includes features such as: eBay Photo Sharing, Simplified Auto-Responders, Google Login, Email Preview on Hover, and a new look to the HTML Editor.

Here's a quick peek at the new features (click on pictures to view details).

eBay Photo Sharing 

With the recent update to eBay's Trading API, sellers and buyers can now exchange photographs through ReplyManager.

If you've set up your eBay account to receive HTML messages, the photographs will be embedded in the image and shown as an attachment.

 To send an image, click on Attach a File. 

Simplified Auto-Responders

We've made the process of setting up rules and auto-responders even easier. Users now have more options and improved functionality to create more precise conditions with fewer keystrokes. 

  • You'll only need one rule for after-hours auto-responders for each store. Days and times can now roll over to the next day (for example, from 5pm until 9am the next morning). No need to create a rule for each day.
  • Users can set negative conditions such as Not Equals, Does Not Contain, and Not Between. These conditions prevent rules from being implemented in certain scenarios (e.g. great for avoiding auto-responders for system messages).
  • Users can now choose to set a category and continue evaluating as opposed to designating a folder to send the messages to. This is useful for sending auto-responders while maintaining folder sorting options.

Learn how to configure After-Hours and Weekend Auto-responders

Email ID Hover Now eBay-Friendly

This feature is now eBay-friendly, displaying the first 400 characters of the buyer's message instead of eBay header notifications. 

New Email Address Hover

When viewing a list of emails, users can now hover over the Email Address to view the sender's name that is embedded in the email address. This is especially useful for Amazon marketplace sellers that cannot see the senders name until viewing the email. 

Google Login 
In addition to OpenID, users can now login to ReplyManager with their Google account. 

HTML Editor New Look
The HTML Editor has been updated with a new look. It has all of the same features, but it's faster and has been updated to work more efficiently with Internet Explorer 10. 

Coming in 2014

Looking ahead to Q1 2014, we're excited to announce that we are actively working with Linn Systems to link Linnworks and ReplyManager more closely, helping online sellers to get even more benefits from both products. 

Artem Verovenko, Head of Business Development at Linn Systems states, "We are always happy to recommend ReplyManager to our customers, in keeping with our philosophy of ensuring our customers get access to the right tools and services to help their businesses grow. Linnworks is a big part of our customers' ability to grow and succeed, but ReplyManager helps them to ensure they never lose sight of their relationship with their customers." 

We've been working toward an integration with Linnworks for quite a while and are very excited about this happening in the very near future. Linnworks provides a very useful tool that helps online sellers manage and grow their business. Plus, the UK has been our fastest growing market. Integrating ReplyManager and Linnworks seems like the logical next step. 

We are also working on integrations with other platforms.