Monday, June 16, 2008

Enable HTML Editor for ReplyManager v4

Available Week of June 16-22
ReplyManager Version 4 now includes one of the most comprehensive HTML editors for web-based email management. Before using, a Super Administrator must activate it and an Administrator must activate specific user accounts. Here is how...

Activate HTML Editor in Section - SUPER ADMIN
Go to Setup: Sections. Click on a section to edit. Mark the checkbox next to "HTML Editor". Click the Update button to save.

Activate HTML Editor for Specific Users - ADMIN
Go to Maintenance: Users. Click on a user to edit. Mark the checkbox next to "Use HTML Editor". Click the Update button to save.

About HTML Editor
Users can add HTML formatting when creating new email, responding to email, managing signatures and adding notes. When editing text, available formatting features include: boldface, italics, strikethroughs, bullets, blockquote, text alignment, etc. Simply click on the format button after highlighting the affected text. Spell check displays country flags. Click on the flag before conducting a spell check.

The Insert / Edit Image button allows users to insert and position hosted images (images stored at other virtual locations). Images cannot be uploaded into the body of the email. To include attachments, please use the File Attachment function.

For advanced users, a Source Code button is available to view and manipulate the HTML code.