Sunday, June 22, 2008

ReplyManager v4: Clean Up Attachments

If you are chomping at the bit to clear some space out of your ReplyManager account, version 4 now provides an easy solution with the Clean Up Attachments feature. Administrators can follow the directions below (also available in the Help Section):

Select Maintenance, then Recycle from the menu. To remove attachments from emails (in bulk) without deleting the actual email, select the applicable filters under Clean up Attachments. Available filters include: From a folder(s), with a specific status, and/or the “Older Than” date (deletes attachments with an original date older than the date selected).

This feature does allow administrators to delete ALL attachments EVERYWHERE and deleted attachments CANNOT BE SALVAGED, so please proceed with caution. You may want to start by testing a small grouping first.

We don't mean to yell, but this is really important.