Friday, February 26, 2010

Filtering Emails Within Folders for a Better View

ReplyManager Folders function very similar to POP3 email accounts (i.e. your inbox), in that they serve as the collection area for emails being sent to the particular address. The difference is that ReplyManager not only collects the emails, but also performs multiple additional tasks such as tracking, categorizing, prioritizing, and filtering. Filtering emails allows a user to customize their view of emails within a particular folder - something like a sorting function. Here is how...

Once you have selected a folder by which to view emails, you can further filter the list by selecting from the “view”, “since” and/or “category” drop down lists, then click on the Filter button. Once you change a filter, your user account will save the settings and will automatically default to that setting the next time you access the folder. Email lists default to show Unread first, followed by priority, open and closed.

View (by status): All messages (default), Unread, Open, Priority, Not Closed, and Closed.
Since: All dates, Yesterday, Last week (7 days prior to current date) and Last Month.
Sort By: Status and ID (email identification number), Status and Date, and Oldest (email).
Category: Includes categories created by an administrator.

You can choose one or all filter options. Click the Filter button to implement selections.

Users can also change their sort by clicking on the column header to sort emails numerically or alphabetically (depending on the value).