Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alert Popups For Better Email Management

UPDATED October, 2013: See Popup Notifications for Incoming Email

Did you know that you can be notified of an incoming email with Alert Popups? Individual users must activate this feature from the Folder List view. To enable email Alert Popups, mark the checkbox next to the folder you wish to enable. Click on the Enable button. The folder will indicate that an Alert Popup has been enabled with a graphic. When a new email arrives in the folder, a popup window will open with the Folder name, number of Unread emails, and a choice of actions. Choose [Go] to go to the specific folder. Choose [Go and Close] to go to the folder and close the Alert window.

If you have more than one section open in separate browser windows and have alerts activated in those sections, click on the [Go To Section] button to reopen the minimized window of the section containing the new emails and view the Folder List. This is helpful if you are monitoring incoming emails in multiple sections and need to navigate back to the proper browser window.

Click on the Refresh button to reload the Alert Popup window and check for new emails.

To Disable Alert Popups, from the Folder List view, mark the appropriate checkbox and click on the Disable button.