Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Route emails to folders - Assign an Associated Email

Keeping up with the influx of customer service email arriving daily can be a challenge. ReplyManager routes the emails into folders quickly and efficiently using Rules Routing or Associated email. The associated email is the email the folder will be receiving, such as support@yourcompany.com to the Support Folder.

Regular Expression - This allows you to specify all possible variants of an incoming email address so that it may perform a match. To implement, mark the checkbox and enter the expression in the Associated Email field.

Here are some examples of how they can be used:

To capture emails starting with the word “testing” you would enter ^testing.
To capture emails ending with the word “testing” enter testing$.
To capture emails that had the words “jon” or “mary” you would type jon|mary.
To capture emails beginning with “jon” or “mary” you would type ^(jon|mary).
To capture emails ending with “jon” or “mary” you would type (jon|mary)$.

Note: If you do not include an Associated Email and plan to send email from this folder, you must enter a FROM address here. Otherwise, email recipients will not be able to see who the email is from or reply to it.