Monday, March 14, 2011

Assigning Multiple "From" Email Addresses to a Folder

How many great products do we have that we are only using some of the features and are not taking the time to use all of the features? The next few blog posts will be reminders of quick and convenient email features within ReplyManager that you may not be using! This first one is about assigning multiple “from” email addresses to a folder when replying to customer email!

Why is this helpful?
  • You may want your customer to respond back to a different email address that was originally used – possibly the email from a form on your website that uses a form@ or lead@ address
  • If your customers are sending email to, and you would like the replies to be more personalized as sallie@ or from a different department such as shipping@
  • Your folders may be set up to receive email from 2 different email accounts or eBay accounts; your reply email address should match. Be sure that the signatures match as well.
How to set this up:
  1. Go to maintenance>folders
  2. Scroll down to the From Email for Replies
  3. Add the first From email address for the folder
  4. Select the “Add More” and enter your additional email address. Multiple addresses can be added by clicking again on the “add more” button
If you wish to delete some that are assigned, click on the delete button next to the email address

How it is used:
When replying to or sending a new message and the folder has more than one From address assigned, a drop down box will appear allowing a choice as to the from to be used for that email.