Monday, March 28, 2011

Delegating is made easier with ReplyManager

Make delegating of work, where customer service email is involved, an effective process by using ReplyManager. Have a clear set of rules for employees to be able to follow a customer service email through to completion. In his Book on Leadership, Bob Lewis takes issue with the fact that employers do not always define clearly what "follow" entails, after all it takes "two" to do a good job of delegating.

Steps can be setup for Users to be able to "follow" as an incoming customer service email is received into the program. Use automatic Rules to route the email into specific folders. Use category tags to identify the email's issues or information. Use Standard Replies for a concise and complete response, or use the different status levels to elevate the email to a priority level that it can be completed.

The goal is to have a good email management system for employees to be able to carry out their tasks and for management to be able to review.