Thursday, April 21, 2011

Organizing and Processing Inbound Email

Opening your company email management program and finding 300 emails in your inbox does not seem like a very efficient way to begin the work day. Separating emails into folders as they are inbound is a much more productive way to begin the review and respond workflow for the day. ReplyManager has several ways to rank order and achieve this separating and routing emails function into designated folders - better known as - the email processing order.

After reading an email from an Account, the system will decide the folder in which it will place the email using the following processing order:
  1. Each original incoming email is given a unique ID number

  2. If the email is a follow up to an existing email in the system, the ID will link it to the corresponding thread

  3. As indicated (deleted or moved to Spam folder) by the “Spam Handling” section in the Email Account setup, if the email is determined to be SPAM

  4. The email will be matched to a Rule (rank order of rules applies here) and placed into the designated folder

  5. In the folder indicated by “Force email into folder” in the account setup

  6. The first Folder who's “Associated Email” matches the “To” header of the email

  7. If none of the above apply, then into the “Catch All” folder

The service reads emails from your email POP or IMAP Accounts on a fixed interval. The default interval is every 10 minutes, although your instance may be configured to a different interval. Each active Account processes sequentially.