Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making Use of the "Like" Button?

Facebook has risen far above the social networking it started out to be and is now one of the fastest growing advertising opportunities for business. “Facebook’s recent successes—and its future prospects—are intrinsically connected with the site’s diversification,” said Paul Verna, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, Facebook Users: The Juggernaut Rolls On.

With such a large and diverse audience, marketers are able to create strategies for marketing that appeal to each of these groups. Branding their pages and building a presence, incorporating the "like button" to gather participants, and getting their product message out to the masses, are all new advertising methods. The "like" feature has developed from the original idea of becoming a "fan". Consumers may be more comfortable with liking your site and easier for users to connect with the things they are interested in.