Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Assigning Emails to Users

Emails are pouring in, replies and follow ups are needed, how do you evenly and fairly assign emails to users? ReplyManager has several features that can be employed. Managers can manually assign emails or use a "round robin" type of rule for evenly distributing emails to user folders.

Manually assign emails
  • Go to maintenance>categories and add user names as a category type
  • From the folder view, select (checkbox) a group of emails for a particular user
  • From the bottom of the list (bulk area), select the category (user name) from the drop down menu and click on the Change button OR
  • Having your group of emails selected, bulk move to a user folder
Automatically distribute emails to users

The system can automatically assign email to users. By setting the conditions (keywords) the system can route email into specific folders or evenly distribute email into multiple user folders (round robin style).
  • Setup each individual folder (maintenance>folders, adding a From email for replies)
  • Create a rule (maintenance>rules) and set "disposition" to "move to folder" and highlight one or more of the folders OR
  • Rules can be created to route email, based on keywords to specific folders.
Once an email has been assigned, whether manually or automatically, the system notes will then track any action taken on the email such as open, close, reply, move to another folder, or adding a note. From there emails can be replied to or notes and comments added and the email moved to another folder for escalation.