Friday, March 30, 2012

Renew eBay Tokens Every 18 Months

An eBay token is a security feature that allows ReplyManager, as a third party vendor, to access your eBay account for a limited purpose such as reading your Ask the Seller questions. A token is a key specific for your account allowing ReplyManager to receive and send your eBay messages through the API (interface). The eBay token created for your ReplyManager account is valid for 18 months and will need to be renewed at the end of the time period.

How do you know the token needs to be renewed?

The system will display a warning "One or more accounts not reading" in the logo area, if the token has expired or if one of your mail accounts has stopped reading for other reasons. ReplyManager is unable to access or send email messages through the API until you renew the token. A new token may be generated before the old one actually expires.

To renew the token, log into your ReplyManager account and go to:

1. Maintenance>Accounts>select eBay account for token renewal
2. Scroll down to Token, the expiration date will be displayed, and click "get eBay token"
3. Follow directions on the screen for the renewal. Remember to click Continue to complete the process once brought back to the RM screen. The system will begin reading email again on the next cycle of readings, bringing all email into ReplyManager from the last time it was able to successfully access the eBay messages.

Please email or call our office 877-848-1310 if you have any questions.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care