Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is ReplyManager Getting All of My Messages?

Maintaining a high feedback rating is vital to any eBay seller. Keeping tabs on your emails and swift responses are a big part of that process. In fact, new customers often ask, "How can we verify that ReplyManager is reading all of our 'Ask the Seller' messages?" Here is how you'll know for sure...
Use ReplyManager - not eBay AND ReplyManager.
The first step in being sure that none of your messages fall through the cracks is to use ONLY ReplyManager to reply to messages. This can be done once the eBay accounts are activated within ReplyManager and  eBay email is being read through the API. The incoming messages and follow up replies will be linked, or threaded, in a conversation style.

ReplyManager reads all "UNREPLIED TO" messages from eBay.

What is eBay showing?
When logged in to your eBay seller account, click on My eBay and then Messages, to view messages from buyers. The new email will appear in a BOLD status. When the message is replied to (from ReplyManager) you will see a purple arrow next to the message (in eBay) indicating it has been replied to. To view the reply in eBay, you can go to the Sent folder and view the message that was replied to via ReplyManager.

The purple arrow shows the message has been replied to.

There is one exception.
Sometimes, you may see an eBay message without the purple arrow. Did this email get read and replied to? The answer is yes! But if a buyer has sent multiple emails on a specific item before you were able to respond, then when you DO respond with one reply, the purple arrow is placed next to the original email from the buyer. You will be able to confirm this when looking at the messages in ReplyManager. 

by Suzan Tucker
Customer Care Manager