Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tips for Better Email Delivery

Sending email to a customer only to find out they did not receive the email or even worse - it's in their Spam folder - is not good for credibility. There are ways to increase your email deliverability and avoid that embarrassing conversation with your customer.

Since a significant amount of Spam comes from forged email addresses, most spam filters now check to see that the email is coming from who it says it is coming from. If you have a company domain name, you can set up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF), basically telling the recipient that ReplyManager is allowed to send mail on your behalf, or that it is an "authorized" sender for your domain. Providers should now allow mail through their network.

Having your own company domain name is important on many different levels, but as far as email, gives you more control over email recognition and deliverability. Email "authentication" greatly simplifies and automates the process of identifying senders.

Setting an SPF record: To set your domain's SPF record, you should have access to your domain's DNS settings. On your DNS resource, publish the following TXT record: v=spf1 include:spf1.replygrid.net ~all

The issue? Since ReplyManager is sending mail on behalf of your domain, some servers may think this suspicious behavior and tag as a spam email. Mail systems need SPF records for their domains if they want their mail to be accepted by other providers, including several major providers (Hotmail,Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail) and other webmail services.

When using an email provider such as Hotmail, Gmail or AOL, the recipient is checking the email to see that it is actually from one of those sources. When using ReplyManager, as a third party email client, you are sending email out on our servers. If the receiver’s spam filter is checking to see if the email came from one of those particular sources, the original provider, and it sees that it is not, the email MAY get tagged as Spam.

by Suzan Tucker
Customer Care Manager