Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where Did My Email Go?

ReplyManager customers often ask, “Where did my email go? I clicked on the email to read it, but when I went back to the list of emails in the folder, the email disappeared."

What happened? 
The Status of an opened email changes its position and color in the Folder view. When an email is opened, the default Status changes from “Unread” (RED) to “Open” (BLUE), unless the user manually changes it to something else. The email didn’t actually “disappear,” it’s location and color coding simply changed because it’s Status changed.

What is a Status and How Do I Change It?
ReplyManager offers flexibility to control and organize where that email appears in the folder, by updating the Status. Typically, folders are set to show emails in the following status and order:
  • Unread – Red
  • Priority – Green
  • Open – Blue
  • Closed – Blue line drawn thru text of subject line
There are three places in the messages where you can update the status:
  1. In Folder view (listing of emails) select the email and change status at the bottom of the page
  2. In an open email - at the top of the page
  3. When replying - at the bottom of your reply message
Are There Other Ways to Filter and View Lists of Email?
The top of each page within a folder contains the “filter” view. You can further filter the list by selecting from the “view”, “since” and/or “category” drop down lists, then click on the Filter button. Users can also change their sort by clicking on the column header to sort emails numerically or alphabetically (depending on the value).

To learn more about filtering, see Filtering Emails Within Folders for a Better View