Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Language Barrier for Email Unlocked

Using the Google Translate extension (available with Google Chrome or FireFox browsers) for your incoming ReplyManager emails allows you to read and translate your emails in 57 languages (and more to come). Expand your marketplace with this tool so you don’t have to miss a sale because of the language barrier. Add appropriate standard replies to ReplyManager (they will be sent in English unless you've already translated them) and grow your market base.

Another option that works well with ReplyManager (if you need to send back a reply in the translated language as well), is the Translate Section found in the Chrome Web Store. The process is easy, download the app and your browser will display the icon. When in an email, either reading a message or creating a reply, highlight the text you want translated and click on the icon. Your text will be translated in the language of your choice. Copy and paste the new text into your reply to send the response.

Google also has available the Translator Toolkit and the Website Translator offering many options for translation of documents, websites, articles, etc. giving you unlimited global marketing connections.

How does it work? Just download the extension. The browser will display the translate icon. When using ReplyManager (or any site), view an email you want translated, then click the translate button. It's that simple.