Monday, September 24, 2012

eBay Reacts to the iPhone 5

CNBC is reporting Apple has set new records and sold 2 million iPhone 5's in the first 24 hours the phone was available for pre-order. How will the iPhone affect eBay buying and selling?

The Online Seller article “eBay Prepares Sellers for iPhone 5 Frenzy” outlines eBay’s newly released guidelines for U.S. and U.K. merchants who want to sell the new iPhone5 online. Top-rates Sellers on eBay U.K.  can list between 4 and 8 phones per week and must accept PayPal. Apple-authorized Sellers will be able to list 25 a week, top-rates Sellers up to 4 per week and 1 per week for other qualified Sellers.

eBay also reports the smartphone boom and similar technologies ultimately benefit all sellers. The new technology makes browsing faster, so consumers spend more time shopping, researching products and interacting with brands.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care