Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How To Remove Attachments to Save Space

Email attachments often consume much of the space used in ReplyManager. Removing attachments is an easy way to manage and reduce the amount of space used in your account. If you think you may need the attached files later, save them to a place outside of the system first, and then remove from the email or remove attachments in "bulk."
Remove Individual Attachments
Within the email, users are able to download the attachment to their own server or desktop and then remove it from the email while still retaining the original email. Click on the "Attachment Disposition: Remove" link displayed underneath the attachment.  Once you have removed the attachments, the filenames will still appear as text with the word “removed” added. This will automatically free up space in the program.

Remove Attachments in Bulk
For a bulk removal, (administrative access only), select Maintenance, then Recycle from the menu and click on the Clean Up Attachments tab. To remove attachments from emails (in bulk) without deleting the actual email, select the appropriate filters under Clean up Attachments. Selections can be made for a specific folder, with a certain status (or ANY status) and the “Older Than” date (deletes attachments with an original date older than the date selected).

** Note: These instructions are for emails read through the POP3 or IMAP accounts. eBay attachments are not yet available via eBay's message API. Although eBay has recently added attachments to emails, their API has not yet caught up with the new feature.

 This feature does allow administrators to delete ALL attachments EVERYWHERE and deleted attachments CANNOT BE SALVAGED, so please proceed with caution.

by Suzan Tucker
Customer Care Manager