Monday, November 5, 2012

Manage Email Marketing Campaigns with ReplyManager

Email marketing can be an effective component in your marketing strategy. If you plan to incorporate an email campaign in your marketing efforts or are thinking of an email campaign to top off your holiday marketing pitch, you can use ReplyManager's customized rules to help manage responses.

When sending out email campaigns, your Call to Action typically has the customer going directly to your site to purchase a product or take advantage of a special offer. However, often times, customers reply to emails with specific questions or your inbox gets flooded with "Out of Office" responses or other auto-replies. Here is how to configure Folders and Rules in ReplyManager to help weed those out and identify customer questions for that campaign.

Route Auto-Replies or Out of Office Emails
  1. Set up a folder titled "Campaign Auto Replies"
  2. Create a rule to route emails that Contain “out of office” or “auto-responder” in the Subject line, to this new folder. You may see different iterations of these terms that you can incorporate as you move forward.
Route and Tag Campaign Responses
  1. Add a Campaign folder or folders for a specific campaigns (or use the same folder for each marketing campaign, updating as needed). 
  2. Create a rule for actual replies that Contains the Subject of the email (e.g. "RE: Special Offer for Widgets"), and route to this Campaign folder.
  3. Additionally, you can tag email with a  category that identifies the specific campaign, so ReplyManager can automatically tag that incoming email, which will highlight it in the folder.
You can also elect to put any responses (whether out-of-office or actual replies) all in one campaign folder. Be sure to include a “reply to” email address, in your campaign email, that ReplyManager is reading.

Plan to have campaign oriented Standard Replies ready so you can address responses quickly.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care