Monday, November 19, 2012

Post-Pie Commerce, The New Trend

After the Thanksgiving dinner is done, everyone gets up and finds their spot to relax.  Some will watch the game, some will take a walk, but this year, retailers are targeting those people who will get on their phones and iPads to shop, even while watching the game!

A Reuters report entitled Smartphones, Tablets Spark "post-pie" Turkey Day Sales, describes Thanksgiving as the new big shopping day online.  Based on surveys taken by eBay, they plan to launch 20 mobile-only deals through its eBay Mobile application starting at 5:23 pm EST Thanksgiving Day.

As we wind down to the start of the busy holiday season, just a reminder that many of our recent blogs have highlighted some of  ReplyManager’s features and program tips to help you be ready for the email surge. 

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care