Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 Video Trends Leading Retailers Are Watching

Your business may still be recovering from the busy holiday season, performing year end inventories, analyzing the sales results, etc, but as an online retailer, you need to keep your marketing programs fired up. Learn about some interesting video trends that many leading retailers are planning to include in their 2013 strategy.

Practical eCommerce, Insights for Online Merchants, wrote a great article about 3 Video Trends to Watch in 2013. In it, they cover:

  • More Leading Retailers Will Use Product Videos
    Citing 48 of top 50 online retailers recently reported they were using product videos compared to 16 in 2011
  • Video Advertising May Be More Important
    Citing all time records of people now watching more internet video than ever
  • Merchants Will Produce More Content Video
    Concluding more merchants may produce entertaining or informative videos to engage online shoppers in 2013

** Take note of the comments and individual input posted to this article from a couple of ecommerce retailers already using videos. They offer some great feedback advice.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care