Monday, March 18, 2013

Route Your Emails to Worldwide Reps

No matter where your customer service reps are located, ReplyManager’s web based email system can be streamlined so all incoming emails get routed and organized efficiently.
Folders can be set up for individuals or groups based on many different criteria - country, department, specific subject, leads, etc. All incoming emails are received into ReplyManager and based on rules, can be automatically tagged with a category and routed to specific folders. Users can then login from wherever their location to reply to emails OR those folders can then be set to forward email to outside email addresses where users may take ownership outside the system.

For example, your incoming emails from your website, can be set to include a specific code for that country or user so that ReplyManager’s rules can filter and route those emails to the corresponding folder.

Why This is Important
As sales leads, orders, support emails are received into ReplyManager, rules can be specifically set to filter for whatever the criteria is - region, time of day, or subject for the right user to handle, based on the information within the email.  Supervisors can better manage and control the routing and processing  of the incoming email. eBay accounts can be separated into individual folders, and users assigned to those folders.

What Type of Company Can Benefit From This?
eCommerce and online sellers
Travel service representatives
Real estate sales representatives
Global marketing and survey companies
Customer and call center support

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care