Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why Don't I See a Reply Button?

A common question from new ReplyManager customers comes from not being able to respond to emails because the "Reply" button doesn't appear when opening a message. More often than not, this  happens when a step in the setup up process has been overlooked.  Here are a few guidelines to help you trouble shoot and and fix the issue.
Folders with email from a POP or IMAP account:

In order to reply to an email from ReplyManager, you must have a valid "from" email address associated with the folder. Check your folder setup (Maintenance > Folders) and make sure you have a “From” email address entered in the appropriate field.

When sending a reply or forwarding an email that contains HTML or tables (that have been copied in), it may conflict with our program formatting, preventing you from being able to reply. In order to ensure proper delivery, try this:
  • highlight the entire passage
  • click on the "remove format" button (second row of the toolbar)
  • send again
Folders with eBay email:

Although eBay does not need a "from" address in order to send a reply, ReplyManager's formatting does require one. If you plan to send an email from the folder, go to Maintenance > Folders and make sure you have a valid "from" address assigned to the folder.

ReplyManager reads and replies to questions only from the “Ask the Seller” area in eBay. If you
don’t see a reply button, look at the “From” of the email to determine where it came from. It may be a system message/notification that does not accept replies.

Other Notes:

ReplyManager users will see the following error message from eBay: Error talking to eBay. User is blocked. eBay does not allow email addresses to be included in emails sent back through the API to a buyer. Please see more detailed explanation and how to correct this in our blog post: When eBay Blocks Outgoing Messages

If the item is no longer listed or the end date has expired, you will not be able to send an additional message through the API.


by Dale Gaines
Customer Care