Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Need for Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Sites

According to snaphop, 75% of consumers prefer to visit a mobile-friendly site, yet only 10% of company websites are optimized for mobile devices. Whether you are in the process of switching over or need a reason to do so, we have highlighted some interesting findings to help you understand what consumers value in a  mobile-friendly site.

Why is this important?

Mobile-friendly sites increase the likelihood of Internet sales. According to an infographic, 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy from mobile-friendly sites. It may be safe to assume that based on the rising number of smart phone users, more consumers are going to expect ecommerce websites to show up properly on their mobile device. If they aren't mobile-friendly, 61% are likely to move to a competitor's site (snaphop).

What do users want?

The following are features that users would like to see in a mobile-friendly site (based on the same infographic):

Easy-to-Access Contact Information
  • 76% want to easily access location and hours of operation
  • 61% prefer click-to-call functionality
  • 54% prefer email addresses to be listed
  • 48% would like to see links to social networking sites
User Interface
  • 78% - swift navigation to desired information with one or two clicks
  • 76% - prefer the screen size to adjust to fit the size of their device
  • 74% - clean and efficient look and feel 
  • 73% - ability to easily save information on the site for future reference (ex: shopping cart)
  • 69% - larger buttons that are easier to press

by Samantha Warner
Marketing Extraordinaire