Monday, May 13, 2013

Setting up Folders in a Multi-Channel Environment

ReplyManager has built-in flexibility to manage emails from any online source. It allows for multiple folders and accounts, and it can read all accounts from whichever marketplace you sell on, including your company website. But how do you configure ReplyManager to automatically organize these messages? Here are a few quick tips...

You're selling on three eBay stores, one Amazon store, and a website... You may be asking yourself the following questions to better manage your emails:
  • What is the best way to organize all my store email?
  • Is it best to set up one folder for each store? 
  • Do I need several routing folders for each store? (shipping, disputes, etc.)

The following options are frequently used and may benefit your company depending on the flow of your workplace operation:

Folder Option 1: Set up one folder for each store. For example:
        eBay Store 1
        eBay Store 2
        eBay Store 3

*Note: You may have multiple email addresses for each store. For example: or You can set up multiple “from" email addresses so your users will have the option to choose which address the response will come from.

If you choose option 1, you can also auto-assign category tags to further organize email within the folder.

Folder Option 2: Set up multiple folders for each store. For example:
      eBay Store 1 – Ask the Seller
      eBay Store 1 – System Messages
      eBay Store 2 – Ask the Seller
      eBay Store 2 – System Messages
      Amazon – Inquiries
      Amazon – Shipping/Returns
      Website – Customer Inquiries
      Website – Returns

Once you decide which option to implement, go to Maintenance > Folders to create the group of folders. Next, you'll need to set up accounts and create rules to further sort messages into the right folders. For more on this, we reccomend the following blogs:

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care