Thursday, July 11, 2013

Forwarding and Distributing Incoming Emails

ReplyManager is a valuable customer relationship management tool. By automatically forwarding and distributing incoming messages to outside addresses, managers are able to ensure his or her staff is receiving and responding to customers properly.

To access this, go to Maintenance > Folders, Select a Folder.

Important Note ~ Avoid Email Loops:  Be sure NOT to forward these emails to an address that is configured within the same section of ReplyManager. This will fill up your quota, causing the system to stop reading messages. 

Forward Incoming Email To:

Each folder can be set up to automatically forward incoming messages to a list of email addresses. To add more than one recipient, separate each by a comma -
(e.g.,"). These addresses will be visible to recipients.

Distribution Email List:

This feature is similar to Forward Incoming Email To; however, it is a special type of forward. Incoming emails will be forwarded to all of the addresses in the distribution list, but the From field will be changed to the email of the folder, and the emails will be dispatched to each person in the list individually. Use this if you DO NOT want individuals to see who else is receiving these emails. 

Default BCC Emails: 

You may also wish to configure a Default BCC Email to automatically send yourself a copy of any outgoing replies from this folder. This will not be visible to recipients.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care