Monday, July 29, 2013

Messaging Between RM Users

With features such as categories and notes, ReplyManager replaces the need for customer service representatives to email one another in order to stay on the same page with customer emails. Simply follow these steps to maintain communication between users in ReplyManager.

Why can't I send messages to a co-worker using the same account? 

Because of ReplyManager's unique automated features, users within the same section sharing the same POP3/IMAP account are unable to send messages between each other.

One of those features is its message threading. When a new message is either sent or received in ReplyManager, it is assigned a unique email ID and creates a new email thread. When a follow-up is received, it will then attach itself to the parent email, maintaining the thread of conversation.

When users from the same POP3/IMAP account email one another within ReplyManager, messages will be sent as a reply to the original message ID, thus never reaching the intended recipient and potentially creating an email loop.

How can I collaborate with co-workers using the same account within ReplyManager? 

If you must communicate via messaging within ReplyManager, the following options are available to you:

Set up Categories to assign responsibility of messages to co-workers.

  • Go to Maintenance > Categories to create a new category with each user's name. 
  • When viewing a message that needs a co-worker's attention, you can then tag it with the appropriate category.  
  • When your co-worker opens a folder, he or she can filter messages by category, sorting all of those messages tagged with his or her name. 

Add a Note: When viewing a message that needs a co-worker's attention, and you would like to ask him or her a question or add instructions, simply add a note to the email thread and tag the message with the appropriate category.

  • To do this, open the message thread. Click on Add Note. Insert the message you wish to include. You then have the option to tag the message with the appropriate category, change the status of the message, or move it to another folder. 
  • The note will be visible to whomever opens this message thread; however, it will not be visible to the customer. 

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care