Monday, July 1, 2013

Setting up Additional Sections in ReplyManager

As your company grows, you may experience higher volumes of email coming into each marketplace. By creating separate sections for each, super administrators are able to better organize emails and assign responsibility based on the company's workflow - all from within the same program and for NO additional cost.

Add New Settings (Required Settings): 
Go to Setup > Sections, Add New Section
  • Active: Activate the section. Default is “Yes” Name: 
  • Create a section name 
  • Quota: Enter the total amount of hosted space (in MB) allowed for this section. NOTE: Space should not exceed the total capacity allowed for combined sections. 
  • ID Label: Enter an alphabetic ID label 3 to 8 letters in length different than those used in existing sections. This is used for reporting purposes.

Other Settings (Optional):  If you choose not to personalize this section, the original section preferences will serve as the default.
  • Link Logo to URL: Identify where the logo URL is located to display the image. Should include the full URL such as 
  • Date Format: Select how to display dates inside the system from the drop-down menu 
  • Time Zone: Choose the appropriate time zone from the drop-down menu

  • Time Tracking: Mark this checkbox to enable users to track their time when addressing an email. 
  • Send Attachments: Mark this checkbox to enable users to attach documents when sending or responding to emails 
  • Show Reference: Mark this checkbox to enable the ability to add a reference to each email. References are displayed in the email list view and can be added when viewing the email and in bulk at the folder detail view. 
  • Display Thread Most Recent First: Mark this checkbox to show the most recent action for that email at the top of the page 
  • HTML Editor: Mark this checkbox to enable the HTML Editor for the section. NOTE: Users must also have the HTML Editor activated under Maintenance > Users. 
  • Enable Multiple Categories per Email: Check this box to enable the ability to add more than more category when tagging emails.

Only Super Administrators have access to add/remove sections.

To allow existing users access to additional sections, refer back to the original section. Go to Maintenance > Users. Click on the user you wish to edit.  Toward the middle of the page, you will see a box indicating the sections available to them.

For more information regarding sections in ReplyManager, please see our help section:

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care