Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Adding Temporary Users for Holiday Sales and Returns

It's never too late to hire on extra help with holiday sales and returns. If you're planning to add temporary customer service agents during the next few weeks, take a look at how to set them up in ReplyManager, granting them access only to certain information, and NEVER exposing them to your personal marketplace information.

In ReplyManager, each user is assigned his or her own username and password. To add a temporary user, go to Maintenance > Users, Add New User. Fill in all required fields (*).

On the right-hand side, you will see the option to configure Access Rights. Here, managers can choose which folders these users will have access to and whether or not they can delete messages. Click on Edit Selection to add or remove these folders.

Additional Setup Option: Create Separate Folders for Each User

As an alternative, managers can choose to create a separate folder for each user. A matching rule would then evenly distribute emails between temporary customer service agents.

First, create a Folder

  • Go to Maintenance > Folders, Add New Folder. 
  • Enter the Folder Name and a "From" email address for replies. 
  • On the right, you will see the option to configure Access Rights. Click on Edit Selection and choose the appropriate user. 
  • Save Changes. 

Then, create a matching Rule

  • Go to Maintenance > Rules, Add New Rule 
  • Enter the name of the rule and select the appropriate ranking
  • Enter the conditions of the rule. 
  • Then, choose Move to Folder, and select the appropriate folder. To select more than one folder, hold the CTRL key. 
  • Apply the rule to the desired account.
  • Save Changes. 

(This rule will evenly distribute any messages that match the conditions between the selected folders.)

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care