Friday, January 22, 2016

ReplyManager launches eBay Order Search feature

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new feature - eBay Order Search.

eBay Order Search allows ReplyManager customers to search eBay orders related to a Buyer ID or email address without having to leave ReplyManager. This new feature is designed to save online sellers time, offering deeper integration and support for eBay queries.

Key benefits include:

  • Search by email and eBay user ID 
  • View order data including name, address, payment, shipping and tracking information 
  • Search across all integrated eBay accounts
“eBay Order Search offers ReplyManager customers a simple, but powerful integration that will increase response times when buyers ask order specific questions, like whether a package was shipped, the tracking number and much more,” says XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran. “It is our goal to build scalable, powerful customer support tools for online sellers. Giving ReplyManager users instant access to essential customer data through eBay Order Search is another step towards that goal”.

Learn more about how eBay Order Search works.