Friday, July 11, 2008

Address Book Matching Rule

For customers that wish to organize their folders within ReplyManager by Client Name (ABC Company), you can now collect all incoming email from a specific email address that is part of a particular Group in your Address Book by using Rules to route the emails into a specific folder.

How It Works
ReplyManager will search the Address Book for a match, then will route incoming email (from a specific entry or group) to a folder based on email(s) belonging to a Group in the Address Book. You will be sure to have ALL correspondence from ABC Company in one specific folder!

How To Do It
Click on the Address Book button. Click on New Group. Select one or more addresses to define your Group and click Update. The system will automatically generate an email address for this Group. Next, go to Maintenance > Rules > Add New Rule. Create a name for the Rule (maybe ABC Company Group Rule). From the Conditions - select From, Equals, and then enter the group email address assigned by the system. Select the folder you would like the incoming emails to be placed in and click Update.