Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Managing Autoresponders in ReplyManager V4

ReplyManager can be configured to send autoresponder emails, automatically, based on specific rules or folders. These can be very simple ( e.g. Thank you - received your email and will respond.) or quite complex (e.g. Using macros in the subject or body). The message immediately provides information to the prospective customers and provides a bit of cushion for the next followup.

In ReplyManager v4, autoresponders can be enabled or disabled by marking (or unmarking) the checkbox. This is helpful if you want to temporarily deactivate the autoresponder without deleting its content. Autoresponders can be configured in a specific folder or as an action to a rule.

1.) For Folders, go to Maintenance > Folders. Click on the Folder you want to edit. Scroll down to the Autoresponder box and enter the From, Subject and Body. Click on update.

2.) To configure Rules, go to Maintenance>Rules. Click on the Rule you want to edit. Enter the autoresponder form data. The autoresponder will be sent to email originators that match the rule criteria.