Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keeping ReplyManager Secure with Housecleaning

Software systems tend to get just as cluttered as a well used closet. If left "unchecked" the closet can get downright messy and you forget what you had in there to begin with. Such is the case when basic maintenance tasks are not performed with business applications such as ReplyManager. Here are a few Housecleaning Tips on how to keep ReplyManager organized and secure.

Clean Up User Access
With employee turnover, it is important to be diligent in maintaining a current list of active Users and their permissions. Remember to delete all those that no longer need access to the email program and update current User emails for system messages.

Unused Folders and Rules
Are there any Folders that are no longer being used or any old Rules associated with those folders that could be deleted? Check and update the auto responders associated with those folders – you might have more current information to include! Do you still want those forwards included?

Check Accounts
Check the mail accounts in the system. Are there any that are no longer being used, but not yet deactivated? If left unchecked, the system will continue attempts to make a connection to the mail account and uses up valuable bandwidth.

Are Your Standard Replies Current?
Update those Standard Replies that you have been using for years. Make sure addresses and links are current!