Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Avoid Email Loops in ReplyManager

Email loops, from Catch All folders with autoresponders, can generate much unwanted email when bad emails cannot be delivered and the system is continuously sending and bouncing the automated emails resulting in a never ending email loop. With ReplyManager, you can avoid this frustrating situation by making sure that you do not have an Autoresponder set on a Folder that is also designated as the "Catch All" Folder.

One folder in ReplyManager is always designated as the "Catch All" folder to receive all email not routed into folders by other means. Autoresponders will respond to forged email as well as legitimate email. If this is a forged or bogus email, an autoresponder is dispatched as possible misdirected mail. ReplyManager receives the email back into the system (catch all folder) - this will create bounces and could happen hundreds of times.