Friday, April 24, 2009

Adding Images to Emails Within ReplyManager

The new ReplyManager HTML Editor includes an Add Image tool so users can insert an image into their email, which is different from simply including an attachment. Images are not uploaded, but are referred to by placing the URL of a hosted image (images stored at other virtual locations) into the HTML of the email. Here is how to do it:

Be sure the HTML Editor is active. While composing the email, click on the Insert / Edit Image button and add the URL of the image. Advanced features include positioning within text and linking the image to a URL.

Even better, if you use Firefox or Safari, the Drag and Drop feature is available to you when inserting images into an email.

If you are not sure what the URL of an image is (e.g. where it is hosted), but can see the image on a website (e.g. your company logo), right click on the image and select View Image, Copy Image Address or Properties (IE). You'll see the URL of the image in the address bar.

For example, if I want to insert the ReplyManager Email Management logo into an email I would include the following URL:

To include attachments, please use the File Attachment function.