Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Email Rules for Better Routing

ReplyManager rules management allows users to set multiple criteria for routing emails by assigning categories, status and folders. With the addition of multiple categories in version 5.5, a new feature allows managers to now assign categories and "continue to evaluate." What this means is that an email can meet the criteria for one Rule, automatically be assigned a category and then continue to be evaluated by another, lower ranking rule with additional actions. Rules are assigned a ranking of 1 to 10, higher ranking rules will be evaluated first. For example...

  • An email meets the criteria of Rule 1 and is assigned a category and routed into a folder.
  • An email meets the criteria of the Rule 1, is assigned a category and continues to be evaluated by the Rule 2 to be assigned an additional or second level category.
  • Rule 3 (final rule) will route the email into a specific folder.

The additional or second level categories allow emails to be grouped by topic, status(urgency), project, customer service agent or many other tags.

Setting multiple rules, conditions and actions to route emails allows for:

  • Grouping emails within folders
  • Filtering or sorting
  • Quicker recognition
  • Better flagging of emails for responding
  • Managing and deleting unwanted email

If the emails in your folders were automatically tagged with correct categories, routed to the proper folders, you could filter, sort, review and respond, and be done - automatically!